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1994 Crown Victoria, engine flutters when sitting idle causes car to die, restart no problem

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Nov 28, 2013, 7:41 AM

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1994 Crown Victoria, engine flutters when sitting idle causes car to die, restart no problem Sign In

Crown Victoria standard
Engine size V8
Mileages 140k

I drive the car to work everyday. About 20 miles.

Main issue is that the engine will flutter and then turn off when sitting in drive and idle. For instance when sitting at a

light. My fix for the issue now is to put the car in neutral.
Additional symptoms:
1)When the car is fluttering the voltage gauge on the far left side of the panel will also flutter. When the engine does

finally die the battery light comes on.
2)I have no problems restarting the car. Also starting the car in the morning there are no issues.
3)When first driving the car in the morning. Say the first 1/2 mile the car runs rough. Meaning that it feels like the

engine is having a hard time firing. I press the gas and there is a little trouble accelerating but after 1/2 mile car has

no problem accelerating.
4)After 1.5 miles in morning I will always get a vibration in my gas pedal and a sound like something is vibrating
Put the car in neutral and press on the gas hard one time and the vibration goes away
This might happen one or two time again in the day.
5)There is a loud tough to describe noise coming from near the intake valve. Sounds like grinding to me. This is not a constant noise but does occur every few minutes at least

Work I have had done.
About 7 mo ago I had the fluttering problem looked at by Firestone for a $90 evaluation. They had their top guy look at it and he reported it was the egr valve and the passages would need to be cleaned, and the sensor should be replaced. Obviously I did not let them fix it for the $1000+ price they quoted me for.
Ened up letting a local mechanic fix it for $500. Sidebar is that I later found out that this mechanic shop fired their manager because they were doing bad mechanic work. New manager let me know this.

AFter egr valve ect was replaced car seemed a little better but still had fluttering issue and would die eventually. Not as fast as it would before I had valve replaced.

Note that at this point only symptoms 1) from above were occuring. In past 7 mo other symptoms have started happening.

Spoke with a friend and he said that spark plugs may be mis-firing. I replaced these but same issue.
Had my oil changed a month later and the technician said that my battery was bad and that the spark plugs were not gapped

correctly. According to Advance Auto where I bought spark plugs these did not need to be gapped because they were made for ford vehicles. I purchased the high end spark plugs.

Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and let me know any sort of response.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 28, 2013, 7:52 AM

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Re: 1994 Crown Victoria, engine flutters when sitting idle causes car to die, restart no problem Sign In

Plug gap should be checked unless you got some that can't be adjusted.

4.6 engine - right? Long plug wire insulation at plug ends can jump out and not fire that plug erratically or all the time. Old plugs if bad enough should have shown which one easily if so and usually just one at a time do that. If that many you can see the flaw of carbon tracing on the hard plastic end that attaches to plug,


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