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1992 ford ranger

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New User

Jan 14, 2016, 3:51 PM

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1992 ford ranger Sign In

We got a 1992 ford ranger 4cly 5 speed. Yesterday it just wouldn't start. Replaced the solenoid on the fire wall but all it does is click. Check it with a tester and one side is hot but not the other. Any ideals or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 14, 2016, 5:17 PM

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Re: 1992 ford ranger Sign In

One side is connected the the positive battery cable and the other side is only hot when the key is held in start. The small wire on the "S" terminal will be hot when the key is in start and that is what engages the solenoid.


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Tom Greenleaf
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Jan 14, 2016, 9:38 PM

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Re: 1992 ford ranger Sign In

Lilbitpepper: That small wire Mr. Hammer Time speaks of is there to trigger the solenoid which is an electric/magnetic plunger to make the connection on other large cable wire on to starter.
1992 - you might have found one with two small threaded posts on the "S" mentioned the other if there at all "R" isn't used in this truck or year so just ignore that one.
I think most OE still just push on and connector elbow on the little post not threaded on with a nut - right on this? It's possible to wear out the push on ones and get too little power to get a strong click at solenoid to put power on to starter. If removed and that "S" post jumped from battery positive the engine should crank for a test but absolutely make sure it's not in gear!
All connections must be good at battery cables both sides on about any vehicle. This "trigger" wire if the push on type can be squeezed if too worn/loose to make it a better connection with even pliers but carefully or might need a new end or used now from about any Ford product that old or older.
Battery must be charged and strong and I think that solenoid must be mounted to metal usually on a fender well area but could be firewall.
Do be careful as I said and power to that should make the connection on to starter with a solid click you don't notice when it works properly. Vehicle could move if gear as said!
The larger cable should always have power, the other only when triggered for the starter. If it is really well triggered/empowered it would light to starter side cable, if not the new solenoid isn't making a connection.
Even this old these are highly dependable and rarely the problem. The push on type wire was and is somewhat of the problem more commonly as including myself for a cheap anti-theft measure leave that off and nothing from ignition inside would crank that engine,


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