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1990 chevy astro 4.3 v6 making a whining sound

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Feb 1, 2014, 2:28 PM

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1990 chevy astro 4.3 v6 making a whining sound Sign In

Why is my 1990 chevy astro 4.3 v6 van making a whining sound from under the hood when I drive? I checked my radiator fluid and it was low, about a half gallon. I just had a rear axle replaced and then I started noticing the whining sound. The whining only happens when I'm driving. I replaced the water pump about 12 years ago.My van also won't go past 45mph on the freeway on any type of incline, it hesitates and won't reach past 50mph unless I floor it. The acceleration problem started after replacing the ignition module a few months ago, not sure if that relates to my initial question. There are about 160,000 miles on the van.

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Feb 1, 2014, 3:22 PM

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Re: 1990 chevy astro 4.3 v6 making a whining sound Sign In


The noise could be many items- will need to narrow it down, only when moving maybe check transmission, fluid level and color... so many suspects tires, PS pump, Alternator, belts or pulleys, - does it nake noise when reved in N?

The 45mph issue... your skill and comfort level- can you get codes - 1990 easy is OBD1 junping the A-B terminal of ALDL- need step by step instructions? get engine vacuum, check for restricted exhaust - fuel pressure, check plugs, BASICS

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