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worn out forester or death by mechanic?

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Aug 13, 2019, 8:40 PM

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Hello! I have a 2009 Subaru Forester Turbo that has met an early death with 153,000 miles, seemingly at the hands of a local mechanic. I am wondering if you all can help me determine that likelihood that it has died naturally or due to oversight from the mechanic.

1) Brought the car in 4 months ago as there was a bit of steam coming out of the exhaust. There was terrible gas mileage and just prior to that, the car was running hot, so had the radiator and thermostat replaced by a different mechanic, but still did not solve it as it was doing this intermittently. I even specifically asked if the head gasket could be the problem. It was inspected and found no head gasket issue. He also ran it really hot and said that it was not overheating and thought perhaps there was a bubble somewhere in the coolant from the former radiator job that had worked it's way out.

2) Two weeks and about 930 miles later (since I was confident to take it on vacation), the car overheated a few days after returning and had to be towed to the mechanic this time...broke down on the tollway .....yep head gaskets (and over $3,000 to fix)! Shortly after getting it home, smelled STRONG gasoline while at stop signs and enough to truly overwhelm, so I got it right back in the shop....they diagnosed and corrected something....said it was not gas I smelled, but oil instead and had corrected with no explanation...insulting and suspicious! I might be a girl, but I know the difference.

3) Less than 4 months later, another failure and limped it to the mechanic…..TURBO failure this time!….another $2,000 for a REMAN turbo job.

4) Got the car back...mechanic bragged about how good it ran….I drove the car 6 MILES and the gas mileage started to drop rapidly and the engine got weak. This time he diagnosed and said the engine was failing….JUST LIKE THAT!! CAR IS DEAD!

OK my mechanic geek friends, PLEASE lend your two cents on what you think may have occurred….PREMATURE DEATH OR DEATH BY MECHANIC? THANKS!!!

~ Heather

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