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ford taurus engine light on

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Mar 18, 2010, 9:04 AM

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ford taurus engine light on Sign In

I have a 2000 ford taurus with dohc 3.0 v6. It has an engine light that comes on and goes off, it also flashes. I had it scanded at autozone, it said cylinder 1 misfire( don't remember actual code). the coil packs were replaced along with plugs 10,000 miles ago. The egr valve was done 5000 miles ago. This time I hear a vaccum leak under the plentium, a hissing sound. Do I have to replace the plentium gasket or is there a vaccum line under there? Or could it be something else??? the engine is rough at idle and during takeoff, all around just running very rough. Any help would be appreciated?

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Mar 18, 2010, 9:58 AM

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Re: ford taurus engine light on Sign In

If the only code you had was a P0301 you might try swapping the plug & wire to different cylinders and see if the missing fire moves.

On some Fords air moving thru the plenum really sounds like an external vacuum leak but then normally you would also get a P0171 & P0174, lean bank codes. If you want to double check it, you can spray some carb cleaner around the area you are hearing the noise from & see if that has an effect on the idle. Also those were good for splitting the PCV valve grommet at the intake.

Just a side note. If you do swap plugs & wires, I wouldn't clear the code out, just run it & see if a new P030x code comes up, that would indicate the bad part moved. On Fords when you clear the codes the crank profile needs to be releaned before it will set any misfire codes and that could take awhile, so if your scanner can't access any mode $06 tests you would be stuck driving the car for a while trying to relearn the crank profile and when the SES is flashing that indicates a severe misfire that could harm your cat.............


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