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Ford mondeo 2.2 tdci won't start

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Apr 30, 2017, 6:16 AM

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Ford mondeo 2.2 tdci won't start Sign In

Ford mondeo mk3 st 2.2 tdci 2004


I've just done a fuel pump change on a friends mondeo. We used a step by step guide from the internet to complete this job and something seems to have gone wrong. The car wouldn't start so we tried removing all the high pressure part of the fuel system ( from pump to injectors) and clearing it all out then put it back on bit by bit making sure it had diesel in each pipe as we did it. After reassemble and a little bit more bleeding the car fired up chucked out loads of black smoke. It ticked over at 800rpm like it usually does but the engine sounded really rough like really loud diesel knock. We left it running for about 15 mins to see if it would clear but nothing changed so we tried to bleed it abit more and since then the car haven't started again. It makes very loud knocking noises when turning over and sounds like it's on the point of firing up but it just won't. Running out of ideas of what to do.

Things we have tried.

Bleeding the low pressure and high pressure system.
Changing the camshaft sensor.
Changing glow plugs.
Taken all electrical connections off and cleaned them all up because they got abit wet when bleeding the system.

We have a diagnostics tool which has given us this code P0251 and the internet says the cause of it is 1 of 4 sensors which is why we changed the cam sensor

We're really stuck and we need the car for work so I need to get it fixed asap.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated

Oh if u need anymore info let me know

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