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Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdi mk7 engine will not turn over

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New User

Oct 7, 2015, 1:09 PM

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Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdi mk7 engine will not turn over Sign In

I have a 2010 ford Fiesta 1.4 tdi mk 7 which jumped 3 or 4 teeth on the cambelt. After rescue by the rac and leaving the car with a garage to no avail. I stripped the top off the engine and found it had smashed all the rocker gear and bent 6 valves in the head.
I had the bottom end checked over via a friends mechanic, before having the head re-built with new valves at an engine builders, I also asked that the camshaft be checked as well. I have put the head back on including the camshaft housing, timed it up in accordance with the specifications in the Haynes manual with timimg pins in the crankshaft, sprocket, camshaft sprocket and fuel pump (but the fuel pump is not so important). Tried to turn the engine over by hand on the crankshaft pulley, using the ratchet and socket but the pistons hit the some of the valves after less than a quarter of a turn on the ratchet. I have rechecked the timing and checked the camshaft sprocket to see if the flange on the back of this is broken, that goes onto the slot on the camshaft, whilst checking the crankshaft pulley is correctly positioned on its woodruff key.
I have spoken to the engine builder and have asked was the camshaft checked, to which it was on alignment but not on the degrees of the lobes. I read in a forum that the lobes on the camshaft could have been knocked out of alignment.
Any further advice from anybody would be much appreciated as this is rather dragging on.

thanks AC

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 7, 2015, 3:05 PM

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Re: Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdi mk7 engine will not turn over Sign In

OK - This vehicle not sold to the US but basics remain similar to things in general for this thing still smashing valve AFTER a shop redid the head which should include all checks, cam included and ready for you.
Things that go wrong in general hard to know: Woodruff key? Did it shear off or damage to lower pulley/damper it is and also called a harmonic balancer. They can shift so will matter if belt is timed to outer or inner part of damper I stick with. It's a pulley with rubber vulcanized outer ring to inner metal that keys to crankshafts. If belt is off because it's driven on a slipped outer part of it timing of it is unknown that part is junk too then.

Cams vs valves? : Cam should win over valve train smaller lighter parts that you saw were wrecked. Just once a cam split unseen on another whole engine type but stayed moving with an angular total split. Real rare and should have been noticed IMO by this shop that re-did the head.

IDK at this point if you know valves are still touching or if another lower end problem occurred? If you are really sure all is on time you may have to find out if it bent anything on lower end but doubt that in general. Pistons would look really traumatized I would think up to marks on cylinder walls?

Not sure but there should be some marks to know that damper/pulley indicates TDC and when there most would go by cylinder #1 is also at top of it's travel.

Another chance is the info you are going by to line up, time top to bottom isn't correct or somehow mixed up with another engine so getting wrong info.

Double and triple check your work for mistakes there.

Just be careful while trying still not to wreck already done work do the head. Lower end as said and IMO would be rare but nothing impossible up to a lost cause whole engine over this!


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