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83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot

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New User

Oct 26, 2009, 10:05 AM

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83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot Sign In

Have a 1983 chevy s-10 pickup with a 2.8, Starts and runs fine consistently, usually only drive it to the closest town and back (15) mile round trip. Took it for a 30 mile trip today running in 5th gear at around 2k RPM the whole way about 15 miles into it it starts stalling, forcing me to downshift to 4th and milk the gas pedal till it catches and fires again, from that point on it will begin to stall and die if i have to stop or idle, starting very hard afterward and refusing to stay running smoothly at less then 1.7k... When it cools back of it starts and runs fine again till it gets hot... Also when it starts stalling I can smell a significant amount of unburned gas as well... Thanks for any help in advance...

Veteran / Moderator
DanD profile image

Oct 27, 2009, 4:36 AM

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Re: 83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot [In reply to] Sign In

There are so many things that might be causing this; that I didn’t know how to reply to your question(s)? And what I do have to offer isn’t going to be of much help.
Find a tech that was at the top of his/her game when carburetors became computer controlled or at least someone that knows and felt very comfortable, working on carbs. Show a carburetor to a tech that is in their mid thirties; is like hanging garlic in front of Dracula; they’ll both run and hide.
I remember working on these systems and man what a can of worms they could be. Is it the carb itself, the electronics they bolted to and inside the carb, has the computer gone for a crap, is there an issue with one of the other emission devices, which they’ve bolted to the engine or pick none of the above?
A systematic step by step set of tests will need to be done; as to not condemn the wrong thing(s) that might be causing this.


Canadian "EH"

New User

Nov 3, 2009, 5:07 PM

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Re: 83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot [In reply to] Sign In

Ok, So it seems it may be the float... I have replaced the fuel filter, checked plugs/wires, disconnected the valve cover hose from the filter housing as the filter on it was plugged, removed the catalytic converter, and checked timing... The truck sat for a while with gas in it, at first when it was resurrected it smelled of varnish (bad gas) so I assume the float is sticking at various point allowing sometimes too much gas, sometimes none... I am sure I can get a diagram to get the carb apart to clean this mechanism, however I would rather treat this chemically if possible, anyone have any good reviews for carb gunk cleaning solutions? if so let me know what you think is the best... Thanks in advance :)

P.S. Doesn't only happen when hot, was just not very frequent so it only happened when warm, now its random which leads me to believe the 30+ gallons of gas I have run through it thus far is slowly cleaning it on its own, but a dying manual trans vehicle in traffic is kinda scary lol, so any further advice is appreciated...

New User

Nov 4, 2009, 4:53 PM

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Re: 83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot [In reply to] Sign In

Ok, so after all this bullsh*t i went through... My distributor bolt was loose allowing the damned thing to rotate freely... Thanks for listening to me whine, got it now tho lol

Loren Champlain Sr
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Nov 4, 2009, 5:57 PM

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Re: 83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot [In reply to] Sign In

zero; Glad to hear it was such an easy fix. Thankyou for letting us know.
SW Washington

83 chevy s-10 w/2.8 runs rough when hot

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