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1999 Chrysler LHS (3.5L V6) gasket problem or something else?

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New User

Oct 9, 2018, 10:31 PM

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1999 Chrysler LHS (3.5L V6) gasket problem or something else? Sign In

I have an LHS (3.5L V6) with just a little under 95,000 on it, and I'm trying to get some thoughts on what this may be and how much it might be to fix.

From startup and constantly thereafter, there's a tapping sound, like an upper valvetrain tapping sound (that also speeds up with RPMs), but it sounds like it's coming from lower (oil level is good). For the very brief time I've gotten to drive it like this, there's no other symptoms until the engine starts to warm up, and then it started emitting a copious, rather alarming amount of smoke (grayish-white). Opening the hood, this also was coming from towards the bottom of the engine. It was only about 2.4 miles that I drove it before stopping it. In that time at least, no check engine light yet (though, again, 2.4 miles and I didn't really care to drive it like that). The temperature light came on at that point and so it was probably a fairly good time to stop anyway.

Any ideas? Maybe I'm just clueless. Somebody said it's probably a lower intake manifold gasket, but, without having a huge amount of money right now, I wanted some second opinions or thoughts on what it might be before I took it in. Thanks!

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 10, 2018, 2:51 AM

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Re: 1999 Chrysler LHS (3.5L V6) gasket problem or something else? Sign In

Welcome to the site but don't have great news for you. You said it, I didn't "Clueless."
Why on earth did you run this engine with the engine noise never mind drive it till "copious" and "alarming" amounts of smoke are billowing out still drive the thing there's almost no chance this is going to be fixable now this old not worth it at all.
IDK, expect an engine now just a used one if one can be found or better yet if not giving up already tow it for a diagnosis to get a real estimate of total cost to fix this AND you can look up the area of value of the car as a whole make a choice from there what to do fully expecting costs to exceed any possible value of this car,


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