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1975 mercury cougar ignition failure

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Oct 21, 2018, 8:16 PM

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1975 mercury cougar ignition failure Sign In

My cougar will die while driving and only restart while the key is in the start position. when i turn the key to run position it dies. at first it would restart after 3 or 4 tries and then run awhile. now it wont restart and run unless it sits for twenty min. Alternator is not working.

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 21, 2018, 10:35 PM

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Re: 1975 mercury cougar ignition failure Sign In

Hi. Real antique now, please state just what you have here so many changes right around then fast and lots changed on these and similar from new all at once leaded fuel was not used for this, bumper laws, emission controls and fuel cost had just doubled in a flash.
This should be a chassis car (almost forget it's a Cougar) in this era it's a Ford, chassis car, V8s only is like a Torino, Thunderbird, Ford Elite, LTD II as if nobody could make up their mind what names to slap on a car.

Alternator first: Regulators (Fords of that few years almost all) should be on the firewall, 4 wire one marked with "F" if grounded forces alternator to work is thru ignition does seem to be the problem also a time when ignitions were just electronic and feeble attempt to computer control it all with a box on driver's side inner fender either yellow or blue plug was used not to be switched back and forth by now who knows what anyone did over the years?
In short you seem to clearly lack spark and can check see it drop out while cranking vs when you release key spark quits so engine does too of course need to know for sure so I/we can concentrate on what and where to check.

So please. Just what do you have here? An original ignition set up or now all altered from what it was new?
Almost doesn't matter but need to know engine size many possible V8s, 302, 351, 400M or what?
It's of interest now just know this model year began the end of the Muscle car, horsepower dumped, wild fuel hogs all car makers in a frenzy to make changes using older engines run cleaner more than be efficient was a rock and hard place while most vehicles used leaded regular fuel just the model year before was cheaper by a lot if used couldn't keep converters working a real nightmare time for car owners and makers both.

Just now need to know just what you have at this age that is still as it was when made new or what it was changed to,


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