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08 Pontiac Cam sensor issues.

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New User

Aug 29, 2019, 11:19 AM

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08 Pontiac Cam sensor issues. Sign In

2008, Pontiac, G6, 2.4, 295k

Leading up: approx 5 miles from home engine started jerking, felt like it was faulty plugs, missing. opened her up. second cylinder plug was blown. worried that there was cylinder damage took head off. found oil in between plug and coil pack. All was good with cylinder. replaced head gasket, valve cover gasket, plugs and plug connectors to coil packs. reassembled started all seemed fine except rpms wouldn't go down after pressing gas. got 2 codes P0016 and P0017. after 5 mins running herd loud bang. inspected valves and chain found fixed timing chain guide bolt broke and guide with it. replaced both and timing chain gasket cause well shes old.... before assembly I checked the exhaust cam sensors ohms: Open Loop... Replaced, then reassembled. Started car sounded Beautiful... except RPMS didnt Lower again.. was like a " run-a-way". My dumb -ness put it in gear and car instantly died. new code popped up P0365 and P0366. tested same cam sensor again ohmed out good volts to sensor 4.99. car wont start. I know Im asking alot out of this car but its all original miles and I really need just a little more from her untill I can get a different car... please any help will be appreciated.
Edit: the first set of codes (P0016 & P0017) were fixed with replacing Faulty cam B sensor....

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Hammer Time
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Aug 29, 2019, 1:44 PM

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Re: 08 Pontiac Cam sensor issues. Sign In

Why are you even doing this? 300K on a 4 cylinder. It's used up and you are throwing good money after bad.

Check you work over again. The cam sensor is open circuit so it may not even be connected properly.


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New User

Aug 29, 2019, 1:58 PM

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Re: 08 Pontiac Cam sensor issues. Sign In

I will go over it again and let you know what I find. in answer to your query. 1 is a challenge 2 she my baby and last but not least... I was hoping a couple hundred bucks could get me a couple month so I could afford a different car... I know shes old but all I got for time being. thanks be back with findings.

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