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Tricky diagnosis -help needed please

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Aug 5, 2017, 1:07 PM

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Tricky diagnosis -help needed please Sign In

Hi all

Little bit of background, I have a Citroen c3 which broke down recently. The engine turns over and idles like normal however when you press the accelerator the engine just shudders and there are no revs at all.

Initially no codes were given at all. Three different readers were used with no output at all. Last night we let the car run solidly for about an hour and a half and after this we suddenly got some codes out. They are

p0444 Evap. Purge Control Valve Circuit Open
p0113 Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input
p0107 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Low Input
po598p Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Low / Short to Ground Its an electrical fault detected

We assume rather than these all going wrong at the same time one is affecting the others. Is this combination familiar to anyone or does anyone have any ideas what the main issue will be?

It is due to go back the garage but any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Veteran / Moderator
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Aug 5, 2017, 6:56 PM

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Re: Tricky diagnosis -help needed please Sign In

I don't see Citroens where I am at.....But had a Chrysler do that exact same thing....It's PCM has 2 5v references lines...One line shorted to ground and every sensor on that circuit set a code...It would start & idle perfectly and as soon as you touched the gas, it would die

On a humorous note....It set 6 codes, it came in from another shop...It got towed to us after they changed all 6 sensors and it still wouldn't drive....Laugh

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