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Feb 25, 2019, 12:14 AM

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i own a 2010 DODGE JOURNEY 3.5L V-6/AUTO with AWD. it now has 82K miles on it.
last month-going to our local McDONALDS-i made a right turn-slightly downhill left & downhill forward. I was going relatively slowly because of snowpacked roads. as i made the turn...i started sliding & hit the brake. the car continued sliding to the left-steer'g wheels turned right. the driver front left tire hit a curb-rather hard...or there was a noticeable "THUD". when i straightened my wheels up...i noticed the wheel was turned to the right-off center some.

we had a bad snow storm come thru-6-8" of snow. i went back over to McD for sandwiches for my grandson. i put the car in AWD because our street was SNOW-PACKED & slick. the streets eventually cleared to bare pavement-with warmer temps. i noticed that when i hit the AWD button...i got a "ESP/BAS" light . it has been on for over 3 weeks & my gas mileage has gone from about 21 mpg to around 16 mpg. the light stays on all the time.
i know that this light means there is 1) a BAD SENSOR or 2) an AWD malfunction-per my online search of "EPS/BAS".

what i would like to know is "IS THERE A FUSE" i can disconnect to "DISABLE" the AWD??? or do i need to go to a mechanic-which i intend to do...when i have the money-to have the system checked out.

i don't understand how hitting the curb like i did...then using AWD...will cause the AWD to be "LOCKED" like that-not releasing with the press of the dash AWD button.
any advice/help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Feb 25, 2019, 4:57 AM

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OK, the very first thing that you need is a wheel alignment.The off center steering wheel tells you there was steering/suspension damage and the alignment is way off.

As far as the lights being on, the system has found a fault and it is disabled until it is repaired. You will need a shop to read the ESP/ABS codes and go from there.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Feb 25, 2019, 6:01 AM

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For Mopar poster: Sorry for the accident is what that is: Problem in general on 1,000+ types of slippery not a one identical. Any drive wheel if slippery enough is against you oddly! Why? It's either dragging or adding power at your request split second reaction on your part confusing automated anything like ABS or AWD just don't mix.
Can't say what exact situation was. Most of the time if you notice the loss of traction and really need to just stop to figure out next move put car in "N" and don't touch brakes still depends on the scene in front of you.

That's basic static vs kinetic traction (friction) - Google that. You lost all traction if only 5% left so lost 100% of steering ability a slipping tire doesn't know which direction you are intending to aim.

It's NOT your friend to have AWD at all most of the time! Shocking and it sells like crazy up to no choice to avoid it on a vehicle you like. It's enormously helpful for plain wet surfaces and sudden needs not much else IMO is a given I wasn't in the exact spot and moment. Usually just let go in "N" and ever so slowly steer if only choosing what you are going to hit!

#1 best bet is just don't use roads at all. Most places (I'm in one with every type of anything) it's all fine just hours later.

The point is don't be caught thinking a vehicle of any type with any funky/computer controls meant for a surface is going to bail you out. I plow snow early with other vehicles with 4X4 or AWD were the ones in the ditch or in the way or pass me because I'm going so slow just find that one in the ditch in a minute down the road.
Sorry it happened + going slow is the best choice if you must be there or out. Whacked thought but true. "If you aren't going to make it anyway stay put you were not going to get there anyway could have done it without damage."

On to the fix - it happened,


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