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97 Cavalier Trouble codes

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Feb 22, 2008, 7:57 AM

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97 Cavalier Trouble codes Sign In

So Here is what I originally posted in engine trouble a week ago:

"So here is how it started. My 97 Cavalier felt like it was running a little sluggish so I filled up the gas tank and added an fuel injector cleaner additive. Before that full tank was gone my check engine light came on, but my car still started up and ran for the next couple days. Then the car would no longer start, it revs when I turn the key and occasionally turns over but then immediately stalls. Once since the lack of engine starting it did turn over and ran fine (or at least as well as it did at the start of this story). My thought when the car was running sluggish was maybe that one of the cylinders was not firing but I don't have any previous experience I am basing that on. I am in the process of changing the spark plugs (the wires look fine), some of them appear to be pretty soot covered and the gaps are larger than they should be on 3 of the four. If replacing the spark plugs doesn't solve the problem do you have any ideas what could be the problem?"

1997 Cavalier, 2.2L

So I finished changing the spark plugs and the engine started right up and ran very smooth. One of the spark plugs I couldn't get to screw in as far as the others but the engine still ran fine at least long enough for me to go to Advance Auto Parts to get the computer scanned. On the ride home the engine began to struggle and felt once again like a cylinder was not firing. If I remove the mentioned spark plug and put it back in, the engine will run fine for a little before it starts struggling again. Here are the codes that I received:

Set DTCs (codes)

History DTC P0300
Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
Since Clear P/F

History DTC P0530
A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
Since Clear P/F

I think the mentioned spark plug is probably responsible for the Misfires, so I think if I lube it up and work with it till I can get it to screw in smoothly the whole way it may solve the misfires. I think this since it runs smoothly after I tinker with the plug. Do you think this is probably the problem? I really don't know what to make of the second code about the pressure sensor. Could this just be a blown fuse or is it probably something more serious? Any info or advise you could provide would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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Feb 22, 2008, 4:56 PM

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Re: 97 Cavalier Trouble codes Sign In

See if you can borrow or buy a spark plug thread chaser and clean the threads in the head. If the threads are clean, it will allow the plug to thread in completely and seal properly. If you haven't replaced the plug wires, I would go ahead and replace them also. You can not look at them and tell if they are good or bad. They can break inside the insulation and you will never see it.

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