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2000 Ford Ranger Check Engine Light

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New User

Feb 17, 2008, 11:32 PM

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2000 Ford Ranger Check Engine Light Sign In

I recently posted this problem with my truck. and was asked to
prvide more infromation. I bought a Ford Ranger 2000 about 3 months
ago. From the day I bought it the engine light was on. I took it
back to the dealer who referred me to the Quik Lube shop where he
had the car serviced. I took it to them 3 times for this same
problem. It was, I don't really remeber, but I think it was called a
EGR valve that they replaced. Anway when they
didn't fix it I took it to Autozone for check engine light help.
The codes they brought up showed, this same EGR valve problem and
thermostat issues. I finally took it back to Quik Lube and he
said there was nothing else he could do, so he referred me to
someplace where I would have to pay for an $80 engine analysis. I
don't want to do that because I'm unemployed. Also my temperature
gage in the truck doesn't work. My friend said he will replace the
thermostat. It cost less than $10. He said that might solve the
problem. Then I will not have to get the engine
analysis. Does anyone here have any idea why when the TRV valve was
replaced it continued to read as malfunctioning? Does the thermostat
and EGR valve work together?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There were request for additional information. I found out some
things that were asked for.
The engine is a 3.0L v6 EFI.
There were 3 codes that were found by Autozone Ticket

PO125. OEM Brand: OBDII
the amount of of time it took for the coolant temperature sensor to
reach an input value consistent with closed loop operation was too
OEM Brand: Dmoestic
Coolant temp is too low
The powertrain controll mudule verifies that the engine is at a
proper operating temperature
1. check coolant level
2. Thermostat defective
ECT( Engine Coolant Temperature sensor defective

Ticket 2,
Trouble shooting PO401, OEM BRand: OBD11
There is insufficient flow in the exhauset gas recirculaTION SYSTEM
Trouble shooting PO401, OEM BRand:Domestic
EGR system Fault
The ECM has detected too little flow on the EGR system
Blocked passage on Egr System
Failed EGR valve
EGR solenid faulty
Failed EGR pressure pensor where applicable
Failed EGR pressure sensor where applicable

Trouble shooting PO402, OEM BRand: OBD11
The PCM has determined that there is excessive flow in the exhaust
gas recirculation system
Trouble shooting PO402, OEM BRand: Domestic
EGR system Fault (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
THe ECM has detected too much flow on the EGR system
1. EGR valve stuck open
2Failed EGR Pressure SEnsor
3 FaILED egr vALVE
5 failed egr position sensor where applicable.

This is all the new information I have. If someone could suggest
what I should do or a reutable shop in Irving that would check out
my truck and give me a fair price on what to expect to fix the
problem, please respond.
Thanks Audrey

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Feb 18, 2008, 5:49 PM

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Re: 2000 Ford Ranger Check Engine Light Sign In

Answered in another section of the forum. Thanks.

Being way2old is why I need help from younger minds

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