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01 dodge stratus code p0601

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Oct 22, 2008, 4:51 PM

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stratus SE

Frown I have a 2001 Dodge stratus which has been running fine. Sometimes the check engine light will come on if the gas cap is not on tight enough. But the gas cap has been on tight and this code has been going on for about three months. I went to auto zone to have the code read. i was given these facts

P0601 : ECM internal Failure.
it said that the ECM is unable to communicate with the SPI line.
probable causes:
shorted input sensor
shorted electrical circut
failed ECM

The car runs perfectly normal. no problems what so ever. there are problems with the heat and A/C
only works on highest setting other than that the resistor i think is burnt out. heat will not switch on. and let me tell you ITS COLD! other than that the car is fine. so where exactly is this ECM not cummunicating to the SPI line coming from?
infact what is a SPI line? the guy did not know. I do have a fair amount of knowledge of cars but not everything.
where would i go to find these things? should i check relays? Usually i have my hubby around to help but he is in basic... so its allll me.... and unfortunately i have not come across this problem till now

Frownstupid dodge lol

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Oct 23, 2008, 4:07 AM

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Re: 01 dodge stratus code p0601 Sign In

I’m not sure what the acronym SPI stands for but it has to do with the internal computer communications.
What I make of this is that the computer has received a known correct input from one of the sensors but by the time the computer has analyzed this info and sent it to another portion of the computer that input has gone a skew.
The computer knows that this input can’t change after it received the information and triggers the code.
Now this is not 100% but most times it means you’re buying a new computer?
If it will ever cause a drivability issue, I don't know; it all depends on what segment of the computer is failing?


Canadian "EH"

New User

Oct 30, 2008, 8:29 AM

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Re: 01 dodge stratus code p0601 Sign In

Little bit confused... buying a new computer? no not quite im just wondering what areas i can check into looking for if there is a shorted wire, or sensor. I'm thinking it has nothing to do with the fact that the heat & A/C only works on setting four (high) and it will only be warm on rare occasions. From what i understand that happens to be the blower, and then the control box i forget the name but basically has a door that flips for a/c or heat. from waht i understand those two are done for Unsure
but i have asked and researched about a SPI line and i just cant find it, no one seems to know!

Veteran / Moderator
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Oct 30, 2008, 9:44 AM

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Re: 01 dodge stratus code p0601 Sign In

im just wondering what areas i can check into looking for if there is a shorted wire, or sensor.

That’s just it; you have to test all incoming data from all sensors. If all the inputs are correct then the problem that is setting the code; is most likely inside the ECM.
And I agree with you; your heating problem is likely a different issue and is not likely setting this code. But the different control modules (computers) do share information, so there still is a possibility that the heating issue is at fault?
Time to have the car properly scanned, (not just coded) by someone that knows the system and what “normal” data streams; should look like.

Canadian "EH"

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