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Spool valve leaking oil onto alternator?

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Jun 23, 2019, 10:01 AM

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Spool valve leaking oil onto alternator? Sign In

2009 Honda Accord EX-L 3.5L V6

My alternator died in July 2016 while the car was still under extended warranty. It was replaced at no cost to me. Also, my battery was replaced about 6 months ago.

Yesterday the car suddenly died on me while driving (ironically, on the way to my Honda dealer for scheduled maintenance!). The car started shifting oddly and the dashboard battery light turned on. Shortly after, ALL the lights on the dashboard lit up. Turned the car off and wouldn't turn back on (just clicking). At that point I assumed it was an issue with the alternator. There had been no signs of battery or alternator weirdness/failure until that moment.

Got a tow to the dealer, who said the spool valve is leaking oil onto the alternator, which caused the failure. The service rep told me the mechanic reported the alternator "was wet". He said they've seen this before, but it seemed to me like they just made an assumption and didn't test the spool valve itself to confirm it's actually leaking.

I have not noticed any oil pools or droplets on my driveway, nor anywhere else I've parked the car. If the spool valve was leaking oil, wouldn't I see some evidence of this leak under the car? They're trying to charge me about $800 for the alternator ($400+ for the part, rest labor - supposedly 2.5 hours) and about the same for the spool valve -- $1,400+ total after they applied some "discounts". Do you think they're trying to fix something that isn't actually broken? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.

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Jun 23, 2019, 10:31 AM

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Re: Spool valve leaking oil onto alternator? Sign In

It's kinda tough without being there. Fluid leaking onto electrical parts can cause them to go bad.
Did they show you the pump that was leaking onto the alt?
I would question if this leak was there and caused a problem on the 1st failure.
If you get some pictures, post them.

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