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Dash lights & gauges, auto lamps & starter powerless

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Apr 13, 2014, 6:36 AM

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Dash lights & gauges, auto lamps & starter powerless Sign In

I have a 2004 Chevy Malibu classic, two days ago it was running fine there had been no issues with it in a while, I hit a pot hole but ready that hard on the front passenger tire there is loose wires or fittings were seen, also all hoses and belt looked ok. I checked both fuse boxes and found only the cig lighter fuse blown but it's been that way for a while as the last time I replaced it, it blew again a week later but this was a year back. All the relays in the fuse boxs were snuggle tucked into their slots and I'm unsure of how I can check them or how to check the computer.

Now on to the issues, after the pot hole the car drove fine for 10 miles, when I got home I turned it off while I ran inside, 15 mins later when to turn on the car, I turned the key the dash came on, auto lamps kicked on even heard the fule pump power up but it would not turn on; there was no clicking or attempt to turn over its like it was not getting any power to the starter. After flipping the key and trying as few more times I noticed the auto lamps stopped turn on but I could turn on the headlight manually (indoor lights been busted over five years so I don't know if there was impact to the indoor lights), then I notice the dash panel was not light up and The gauges were not turning on either none of them gave a reading. None of these systems were giving any issue prior to this event. Also it didnt appears that the security system was doing this, the theft light was off when the dash last worked after the car would not start.

Last year I had replaced the starter so it's new and had no issues before this.

The year before I replaced. The ignition switch and key and then programmed the security system to take the new key, I have not had any issues with the security system and when I move the key the radio will come on manually. So turning the key still does registrar to power on the radio at least.

Again I checked the fuses which only the cig lighter one was blown. Hts had been for a while. All the wires and their connection appear in good condition, the same with the hoses and belts. Tried tapping the starter but its acting like it gets no power at all not like it's just seized, not sure on how to check the computer or relays, but all relays are snug in their slots, no fuses missing, and I don't even know where the computer is to visually check it, and there is no easy acces to the started as the belt is located on the passages side not the front end.

Any info would very appreciated, if more info is needed just let me know and thank you reading this and hopefully for contributing.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Apr 13, 2014, 6:54 AM

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Re: Dash lights & gauges, auto lamps & starter powerless Sign In

Pothole! Must be like the roads around me.........

If this exposed wiring over this it's up there with a car accident IMO. All bets off except hoist this thing and see what the heck got wrecked. It may have even done real body/frame/wheel damage as well.

What you see if cut, or wires damaged will have to be put back in place of course before you can trace down anything.

Why do you put up with the mystery cig lighter fuse blowing? Sounds silly but if you use them to light a smoking product they almost always short out in time and fail! Save that for later but swap it out for just a power port and buy a 99 cent lighter if so.

This trauma could have caused unknown troubles. It's going to have to be inspected up close to even begin IMO,


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