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Converting from HID to LED 2003 Honda Civic Si

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Jan 20, 2018, 3:42 PM

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Converting from HID to LED 2003 Honda Civic Si Sign In

Alright, so I recently had one of my HID bulbs burn out, and when I went to try and find a replacement, I could only find the bulbs in a kit, or for like 30 dollars each (and I wanted to replace both) -- I know amazon has bulbs on their own, but I needed to replace them asap, so I went around to all of the stereo shops around me...

I ended up deciding to make the switch to LED since the kit was only about 15 bucks more than a pair of bulbs, and I asked the guy if there's anything else I will need to install them, because I have aftermarket HIDs, but he told me no, it should plug right in...

I waited until today since it was already getting dark and when I popped my hood to replace them, I noticed that the only way to install them right now would be to connect them to the old wiring harness, which is wired into the old HID ballasts...

Do I need to completely rewire my headlights for this, or snip the old ballasts off and splice the wires together between them, or is it alright to just hook them up even with the old ballasts still attached? I'm not too experienced with electrical issues, so I'd rather not have to mess with the wiring myself, but I'm also not sure that it's safe for the new kit to still be connected to the old ballasts.

Any ideas on what to do here? Preferrably the best option for a novice that doesn't require taking it in to a stereo shop...


Edit: a friend of mine took a look at it because he has HIDs too, and he said that it looks like the old ballasts are just wired into old wiring harness and I should be able to just unplug it, and plug the new lights into the old harness.... problem is, I'm not sure I know which wire goes where... I will go take some photos and post them later, to give you an idea of what I mean.

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