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Car dies after jump starting

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Jan 15, 2017, 11:23 PM

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Car dies after jump starting Sign In

  I have a 2004 Dodge neon with automatic and 125000 miles on it . During the week I was asked to look at the Neon . Said engine light was on and started running rough . This car was bought by my sister in-law for her niece . She has had the car for a month . They took the car back to the dealership she bought it at . I was told the mechanic at the dealership said she had a bad cam sensor . My sister in-law said okay fix it . The sale included a warranty package she bought . The mechanic said that wasn't covered in that plan plus there was 100 dollar deductible . Then my sister in-law asked me if I could fix it and I said sure . This morning they wanted to bring the car by . My nephew showed up and said car has a dead battery . So we jump started car . took the cables off and car died . I was told car died a couple days ago and just towed the car to her house . I know what the problem is . Bad alternator or bad wiring . Now the question I have is could this cause the cam sensor to act up ? Now my Niece bought the car 4 weeks agoi and has only been able to drive it for 2 of those weeks . My sister in-law paid 2500 dollars for the car . I am sure it was sold as is . But an alternator after 2 weeks ? I think she should take the car back and either get them to pay to fix it or give her another car ? This is in Washington state . Am I right about a bad Alternator and should the dealership fix it ? Thanks

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 16, 2017, 12:04 AM

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Re: Car dies after jump starting Sign In

You DO NOT know it's an alternator problem yet at all as it's regulated by engine's control computer.

The other is battery was probably dead as can be and Washington State has had many areas cold enough a dead battery would also freeze and possibly crack for any reason it could go dead. There's no doubt more wrong now than you think.

Never jump start these cars or many others if totally dead. Charge batteries with a charger when found that dead or it would cause more problems than you began with.

Yes - this should be covered by an extended warranty that seems bogus, was free about proves that.

Charge and test that battery then test charging system if it works at all. Bet it doesn't and also bet alternator alone probably will test OK off car by several places that will do that for you for free. If good and no charging going on a series of tests for why is in order.

If you can bail out of this car for another go for it and see that a warranty for it is real not this as bet this gets real expensive,


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