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Strange problem with wiring new CD Player

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Anonymous Poster

Aug 31, 2009, 11:56 AM

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Strange problem with wiring new CD Player Sign In

Alright guys, bare with me, I don't know much about this stuff, but I own a 2000 Chevy Jimmy, and attempted to change the stock CD Player and install a new one(its a JVC, not sure of the model but if it's important I can find out). Im sure this whole problem could have been avoided if I had known they made connectors that you simply plug the wires (from the dash for the CD player) into and all that. However I went a different route thinking it was the only way to go, by cutting those wires(in the dash) and butt connecting them to the new CD Player wires, i realized when I started that that the wires were arranged very differently, and thats when a friend of mine gave me the idea of going out and buying the connector/adaptor, I got one and so we used the butt connectors to reconnect all the wires to the orginal plug. The new CD player does not work when plugged in(it was tested on his car and worked), nor does the original stock CD Player now, almost as if the wires had no power or somthing. We checked all the fuses and they seem to be fine. Any ideas would be very helpfull, thank you very much for your time.

Additional info:
- After unplugging the stock CD player, my RPM gage, Speedometer and gas gage no longer worked, they just laid limp, after plugging the new CD player in they seemed to work.
Not sure what's going on there either, or if that's important to the task at hand.

-After reconnecting the original wires the stock CD player didn't work whatsoever but upon plugging the new CD Player in and starting the car, it seemed to kick on for about a second and then shut off, and also it would open and eject the CD if asked too, but showed nothing on the screen or anything from the speakers, so I assume it had some type of power going to it, just not sure why It's not working properly.

-Triple checked all the wires to make sure they matched up, had some doubt about the green ones and switched them and had no luck with that either.

Like I said, any ideas would be helpfull, my last resort is to take it to the shop and end up paying more for somthing that could possibly be somthing simple that I've missed.

Thanks again for your time,

Veteran / Moderator
Sidom profile image

Aug 31, 2009, 2:18 PM

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Re: Strange problem with wiring new CD Player Sign In

Well you already know what I was going to suggest, unfortunately you were already into it, so this is where we are at now.... You do know what needs to be done and for some reason it's not working. To do this correctly you need a wiring diagram.

Considering the trouble you are having, it might not be a bad idea to take it in & get it wired up. With any electronics, especially stereos its very risky swapping wires & powering up the system when you don't know what wires you are swapping. You can damage your new deck that way...

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