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Whirring/clicking noise when making sharp turns or accelerating?

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Sep 17, 2011, 3:09 AM

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Whirring/clicking noise when making sharp turns or accelerating? Sign In

Hello. Ive recently bought a 79 El Camino, and it needs a bit of work but is up and running and everything. Ive noticed that when I make sharp turns, in either direction, especially when backing out of things or parking (but maybe thats because thats the only time I make such sharp turns.. It is only when I turn the wheel as far as it can go, then the noise happens) my car makes a loud clicking whining sound. It seems to be coming from the front wheels, but I may be wrong. Could it be just that the wheels are hitting the body of the car because they are too turned inward or outward? Like I said, it is only when Im making such sharp turns, its not really a problem or anything Its just odd..

Another thing, the thing im more worried about: When I accelerate the car after stopping, especially at stop signs and such, it makes a different loud clicking/grinding/whining noise, and doesnt accelerate well until I let off the gas for a second and then tap the pedal lighter than I did before. It still starts up and speeds up quick, but I know that If I was to be at a full stop and then just slammed on the pedal, it would make that noise like hell and refuse to accelerate very quickly at all. I dont have the faintest idea what this could be, and It worries me that it could be a larger problem than I think...

Any help and info on this would be appreciated. Please, and Thanks!

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Sep 17, 2011, 4:18 AM

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Re: Whirring/clicking noise when making sharp turns or accelerating? [In reply to] Sign In

Your first noise sounds like it could be steering stops. If you steering wheel is locked and suspension starts to move it grinds on the stops. You can throw some grease on them and see if the noise is reduced or goes away.

Hard to say what the second noise could be without actually experiencing it. Could be u-joint, rear end or tranny problems.

Whirring/clicking noise when making sharp turns or accelerating?

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