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Whining Noise all of the time

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New User

Mar 19, 2019, 12:07 PM

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Whining Noise all of the time Sign In

There's a whining noise coming from my car whether it's in gear or not. It
increases in frequency and amplitude as the RPM's increase. I've replaced
the alternator with no change. It sounds like it's coming from a pulley on the
belt but I don't want to rip into anything else without some clues as to what it
might be. Any help is appreciated.

05 mitsubishi outlander
2.4 l, 4 cyl engine
Manual transmission

Here's a link to the video of the noise:

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 19, 2019, 2:47 PM

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Re: Whining Noise all of the time Sign In

I couldn't get your link to play - my device NBD. Noise with engine RPM of engine. You already think you hear where from a pully take the belt off and listen again but not for too long if it's gone.
If gone, spin each item on the belt(s) and isolate which is different. You could have avoided that with alternator they are obvious to me anyway if on their own. Can also replace just bearings if clever enough and some know how.
Bearing noise if so a good one makes ZERO sound. No wobble ever only some have some end play. If needed and safe room you can (AYOR) use a listening rod or a mechanic's stethoscope it will be louder at the bad bearing or item.
Hey - PS pumps, water pumps don't just spin free go by general feel.
IMPORTANT: If belt off made no change let's think what's still able?
It now would depend how you test with a manual is noise changed for the better or worse or GONE if you depress the clutch? Pressed you are using a throw-out bearing and just in "N" position should be a front shaft of trans centered by crank of engine is called a bearing but my word for those is a pilot bushing. Not usually rollers I'll plead IDK but has to spin there quietly no matter how done.
Try those and try to isolate which one and not the parts toss a thing with me if parts were free the new one may be NG.
Belt types alone or age can make noise like a real mechanical problem and not be at all! Spray some water on belt and see if noise goes away. AYOR but I do use WD-40 belt noise will usually shut up totally for a while and come back later.
Rule out belt out of "plane" meaning look at it running and see it's perfectly true to the pulley's it rides on.
Haven't heard of it yet but always possible is lower pulley or harmonic balancer can slip out of place, wobble if so replace that yesterday!
Try assorted things if no luck. A/C enabled or unplugged if you can reach the plug right at it see if it changed totally.
The idea is do anything it takes testing for which one before replacing anything to me both wastes $$ and adds a chance that replacement is now a problem?

Keep hunting and come back we'll find more ideas if still hiding out on you,


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