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What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?

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Jan 17, 2019, 2:51 AM

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What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like? Sign In

I am hearing noises from car wheels. I'm not sure what exactly that is and what should be better solution ?

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Jan 17, 2019, 4:04 AM

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Re: What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like? Sign In

What is this thing is always the 1st question. Next would be is anything new or a recent incident of any kind? Another is did this come on all at once?

ONE bad bearing if that almost always will make a growl or "busy" sound up to feeling it those are an emergency to find and toss for new. So just a bearing, sealed hub units and even ones inner and outer for wheels start at the "busy" you don't usually notice too much till they are worse slowly or quickly matters now. They'll make the noise or feel worse or better on turn shifting the weight of the vehicle is what you are doing noise will get better or worse.

If that and seems like more than one it probably isn't! Have a helper drive or experienced person or tech ride and make the noise happen can be easier to nail which one or wheel is causing it. Remember it may not be that at all.

Rule things out. New tires, tire pressure, wear on tires, types of tires, recently rotated after a long lapse of not doing so you could see or feel it on rubber nubs on the tires sitting still. Beware of worn tires some unseen can wear into steel on inside will cut the crap out of a bare hand.

Alignment out badly if all of a sudden what happened to cause it. If not tires if on long enough in same place show it. If not sure always helps get it aligned with real techs on high end machines now almost everywhere will show specs and again show where it is when checked. If no worn parts and tires/wheels OK again show that it's back in spec on paper given to you or no doubt send it to a device you can look at.

Noises are tough sometimes harder if intermittent. Last for now is noises travel can fool you it's the right side and problem is left or less so front or rear confusion where it's from.

The other #1 is don't IGNORE noises - find out what, why and fix them if real they don't heal,


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