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Rattle/noises PT Cruiser

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Apr 16, 2009, 10:46 AM

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Rattle/noises PT Cruiser Sign In

O.k., I think I have this now.

I have a 2005 PT Cruiser (Chysler). Nothing but problems from about 3 weeks after I bought it new. Has many noises. Replaced brakes twice and they still squeak. They charge me $325 for labor to clean and install lub on the axle splines. I still have some noise that sounds like it is from the left tire. Then Chrysler moved the aluminum tubing from the air conditioner and said that was the rattle noise coming from under the hood. They said it was hitting on something else. Now they are replacing the lifter(s) (after my brother said that's what the noise sounds like and after three years of Chrysler not knowing what the noise was). Then, there is the noise that when it is cold and I start the car up and drive it a few feet it sounds as if a metal tube is being pulled as it makes one long sound under the hood.

Also, the car shimmies and shakes when excelerating from about 40 mph to 60 mph whether uphill or flat road. I've had the tires rotated several times and have bought new tires and it still does it. Thought it was because two engine mounts have already had to be replaced and I'm not sure if it's the shaking that is breaking the motor mounts or the motor mounts are causing the shaking.

I've had spark plugs replaced and a new fan belt put in the air conditioner and all its oil changes done on a regular basis. All the fluids were drained and topped off.

I know I got a lemon and now it is out of warranty with 78,000 miles. Chrysler always claims they can't "duplicate" problem when the car is left with them even though a couple of times it made the noises when they were in the car with me. It has been a fight with them from the beginning. I took the car in the first time and proceeding times when the car still was in warranty.

With these American car dealers whining about how they are losing money, they don't realize that with every customer who perceives them as not caring about us, makes us want to buy elsewhere...and yes, I agree with one of your other writers here, my next car WILL be a Honda. No more American cars. I bought the Ford Tempo and lost everything with that car. I have had chances to buy Fords and will never buy another Ford. I guess that's going to be my view on Chrysler as well. Sadly, the American car dealers don't "get" it. Their service needs to be top-notch and caring because we are spending so much money after the sale.

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