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brake shudder

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Feb 18, 2016, 5:49 AM

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brake shudder Sign In

I own a 2000 mazda bravo 2600 dual cab 2x4. It has 300,000 km on the old girl and the engine is still goin strong. Perfect ute for 2nd yr apprentice with small family. Unfortunately it has developed a nasty shudder when braking. Its not all the time, as far as I can notice it seems to happen when braking suddenly. The noise is quite loud and sounds almost like something is loose and bouncing or chattering. You can feel the vibration through what seems whole car. The rotors dont show any normal signs of warp, example the vibrating/bounce feeling when braking. As said its only sometime and im not 100% its when I brake suddenly, just what I can pick up on when it does happen. Any info would be greatly appreciated as im concerned about this issue and dont have the money to pay a mechanic.

Tom Greenleaf
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Feb 18, 2016, 8:20 AM

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Re: brake shudder Sign In

Wow! You may have to dismantle brakes and seriously check for rotor "runout" or warped even discoloration and even wear on pads are an indication. They do not have to look bad to be bad.
A frozen or part frozen caliper can do this or an assortment of things like less likely but wheel bearings, front end parts all good and an outside chance of a tire or wheel?
IDK - If all you can find and determine appears good at least rotate wheels and see if problem moves with the wheels or doesn't change.
It's brakes so can't be fooled with. If you can't really find and fix this that only leaves finding a shop that can and of course will want money for their work,


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