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Brakes squeak after new rotors / pad front and back

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New User

Mar 28, 2019, 4:50 PM

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Brakes squeak after new rotors / pad front and back Sign In

2013 Hyundai Elantra SE 1.8L
62K miles

Hi guys,

My automotive experience is limited to detailing, oil changes and within the last year...brakes. I did front and back rotors on my 2015 Toyota Highland and no issues.

Back story on my Elantra...I had a shop replace my front brakes and rotors at approx. 30k miles. I replaced my rear rotors and brake pads myself approx. 3 months ago (50k?). Everything seemed fine. But about 2 weeks ago, I started hearing a squeaking/ squeal when applying the brakes. I'm not sure how long it's been doing that because I can only notice it with open windows and since it's been winter I've had my windows closed obviously.

I cannot pin point if it's coming from the front or the rear (even had my kid stick their head out the window). She swore it was the back. So I thought it's possible since I just did the rear not long ago. So I took the rear all the way apart again (both sides of rear brakes down to the rotors), and re-lubricated everything. Petroleum based lube for guide pins, copper anti-seize for the back of pads, and caliper brackets. I noticed that the dust shield was bent at one point and was touching the rotor so I thought, that MUST be it. bent it back. put everything back together, and still, the squeaking is there.

So I decided it must be the front, and figured, since it's been another 30k, I'll just do the front brakes and rotors myself and that will fix it. NOPE.

So now I currently have all 4 wheels off the ground...stepped on the gas (no tires on) and applied the brakes to see if I could hear squeaking in the front. Nothing. Not sure if it's because there wasn't enough weight. Also check all 4 dust shields. No apparent contact. The front rotors spin freely when i turn them by hand. The rear rotors don't. I'm not sure if that's normal. Anyway, I'm pulling my hair out. Looking forward to some advice.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. the squeak is more like an intermittent squeak/squeal. Like a fast squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak as it rotates. It's not a long squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek like continuous metal to metal contact. Not sure if that helps.

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 29, 2019, 1:53 AM

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Re: Brakes squeak after new rotors / pad front and back Sign In

Partial quote from your post matters a lot ">Petroleum based lube for guide pins, copper anti-seize for the back of pads, and caliper brackets. I noticed that the dust shield was bent at one point and was touching the rotor so I thought, that MUST be it. bent it back.<"

OK, no petroleum lubes for brakes that just may be part of serious problems! It would ruin rubber parts of caliper, bracket rubber if lots used maybe spray around made disaster. Bent backing plate too on the ones you did?

Just how did you hoist this car? Sure that can happen and noisy as all get out alone and possible damage?

Please tell me why the copper anti-seize? What for? If pads needed noise reduction the product should have come with the pads or forget it that stuff doesn't work as marketed never mind IDK why an anti-seize something? Has that harmed anything or can you know yourself?

Are pads worn evenly on this? One side vs the other plus inner and outer at each? If not it's not right.

To top you said you detail cars and do oil changes and took on brakes that worked on another vehicle you seem to think. It sounds like you are using incorrect products and possibly not hoisting it properly bent the backing plate.

Brakes are too important for failure due to lack of understanding and fully checking out what is needed when done a whole list of checks to know you can do just this or that with no signs from old ones of lurking troubles.

If you wish go look for torn or swollen rubber from lube just to see plus the anti-seize if on rubber parts? If just for threads of bracket bolts probably fine most come OE with that give you some fight to remove. Hey, I could be wrong but think that's more for initial assembly when new subsequent removal for service I don't do that again the OE stuff is still sticky or just not so risky if torqued enough they are known tight and stay that way. Sub note on that is new who knows how those are done? Later it should be a real person who knows they are OK or not.

What do you want to do now? It just seems to me it wasn't done properly and now the problems are showing up may have to redo it all or more upon a better inspection focus on rubber parts even seals for pistons can allow moisture in need nothing or rubber friends lubes not petroleum products ever near or on brake rubber parts is just a no-no,


New User

Mar 29, 2019, 10:44 AM

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Re: Brakes squeak after new rotors / pad front and back Sign In

My brake job was completed using this tutorial...

At 10:35 (10 minutes 35 seconds) he explains why he used copper based anti-sieze. I mean, why would they make the product if you're not supposed to ever use it?

I mispoke when I said petroleum based because i thought that's what the package said. I used whatever came with the brake pads in the box. Was a little packet of lube.

The dust shield was rusted at the tip for some reason at one spot. not sure if it took damage from a rock or something at one point. just needed to be bent back slightly. I used a craftsman 2 1/4 ton jack on one wheel at a time in the places the vehicle instruction manual advised me to use.

Sounds like you're telling me not to do my own brakes. Everyone had to start somewhere. And my Highlander came out great. The brakes on both cars function properly. I believe one of the rotors may have become warped. They were sitting in my garage for about 10 months before I put them on. I bought one new rear rotor and will try it on both sides to see if they are in fact warped.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 29, 2019, 11:27 AM

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Re: Brakes squeak after new rotors / pad front and back Sign In

OK, I feel better now seemed just too much. If it came with pads it's probably right along with specific anti-seize if done sparingly. Bent shield can just happen more frequently from dropping the car or improper hoisting and placement of a jack stand. In a way doesn't matter why now you said you hoisted it by vehicle's instructions can't dispute that may remain unknown why unless damage is beyond just bending it back.
Parts? Some just stink ends up the reason? Old out of box? Not good. Rotors warped from new? Not so likely but some also stink some may say ready to send out to machine too cheap if so use better stuff. You can see now that they are on how warped if so and where will show up. Not so much a noise but a pulsing issue or already got real hot unknown that also shows usually a blueish color will ruin new rotors or old that are still good.
If this is just one wheel not the other see if that one drags there's more wrong if only one. Also look for a screech sensor like metal fingernail that's bent and touching. Some do not use those by rights (not always either) should be forward on inboard shoe. Why bent if you found it touching lousy quality or dropped just bend it back out of the way and check brakes not counting on those. Note: Lost view of first post think I recall you said it quit or did the squeal when applied or not those 99% squeal when not applied then shut up with slight pressure.
Take a look with it apart again right at the parts taken apart for rubbing and even wear side to side. If off missed something that was needed or was defective.
Please do that much make sure they are OK. I do and site is hesitant to suggest of lot brake anything without experience in person from a person qualified to show you with what YOU have in front of you not anything in general yet to be ready to notice all problems possible. IMO the web tutorials (didn't watch that one sorry) are not a good way to learn how but can show you that one. OMG it take lots of understanding to do brakes not a fan of universal possibly wrong info off the web is unverified for way too much.

About DIY for brakes. OMG, what could be more important (sure other things are) than brakes? It's scary for me (personally not all of course) to learn such potentially dangerous stuff like that rather than with a pro FIRST. Just my policy to err to side of all caution PLEASE take no offense.
If you wish and find things look quite well when pads off again (leave bracket alone) try roughing the up with sand paper on a flat surface. If that really makes the noise quit for a few days of use and comes back the parts just stink most likely. Hardware included do know that's new AND good.
There are brake pads of high quality that don't know how to make noise package is marked for it. "The quiet ones" things like that. Problem is that's covering up a problem too if not just quality it all scares me what to suggest.

Try for the good look I can type a blue streak obviously sorry for typos I don't notice please point any out I'll correct them.

Last thing for now. If things are not right and or did something found with those and it still does it say so but may default to suggesting a professional take a look or do this if at all possible WITH YOU and point things out that matter.

I just wrote enough now go get some more info to work with, with what you find :-)


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