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2000 Chrysler Concorde - scraping noise after replacing brake pads

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New User

Aug 9, 2012, 11:18 AM

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2000 Chrysler Concorde - scraping noise after replacing brake pads Sign In

I replaced the rear brake pads of my vehicle a little over a week ago. They were not entirely worn out, but very close. I also replaced the left rear brake rotor because the old one had grooves scraped into it. I have driven the vehicle every day since then without any problems. However, yesterday I was driving myself and a friend home and when I stopped to drop him off (put the gear into park, but did not shut off the engine) I noticed driving out of his apartment complex a very prominent scraping noise that had not been there seconds earlier but is now a constant feature of driving.

I'm trying to avoid driving as much as possible, but on my way home I did a bit of testing with the windows down and noticed the following:

-The noise appears to be coming from the rear left wheel.

-It is by far the loudest when my car is moving slowly (0-5mph), becoming less prominent around 20 mph. At around 25-30mph the noise is intermittent - it sounds more like a rapid "scrip scrip scrip scrip scrip" than the constant "scrrrraaaaaaaaaapppppeeeee" it makes at low speeds. The wheels become silent after about 40 MPH.

-Even at the higher speeds where I can drive silently, putting any significant pressure on the brake pedal causes the noise to begin again immediately. It does not stop until my car has stopped moving completely or I accelerate enough.

I don't believe I installed the brake pads incorrectly, as I have replaced them on this vehicle before without problems. I'd suspect it has something to do with whatever dug the grooves in my old rotor in the first place, but I honestly have no idea what that could be or why this noise would take a week to show up.

Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 9, 2012, 11:42 AM

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Re: 2000 Chrysler Concorde - scraping noise after replacing brake pads Sign In

Doesn't this have a drum parking brake inside the rotor? That should have been all cleaned up, adjusted and hardware kit as well while there. May have broken parts or rust or tilting if not held in place properly and may have been a fight to remove rotor.

If you just do ONE rotor you are just asking to do this all over again. Brakes should have all replacements done to each side. Caliper pins lubed and any hardware replace which is dirt cheap and can ruin the job.

If drum inside rotor I think that's where the noise is or just slapping on pads and one rotor was just too short cut for good results,


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