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Frame rail problems

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Aug 3, 2016, 6:38 PM

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Frame rail problems Sign In

I am currently working on a 2000 ford ranger 4wd supercab pickup. A girl hit a tree in it and it needs a new bumper, core support, header panel, raditor, air conditioner condensor, trans cooler, fan, waterpump and some frame work. My question is this, everything framewise from the sway arm back is right on specs. The frame was diamond though with one rail being pushed back and the other staying in place. The question I am wanting to ask though is will a diamond frame cause the wheelbase measurements to be off? The passenger side is 125.9 inches, right on specs. The driver side is 127.5 inches, almost 2 inches longer than specs. There is not apparent frame damage of misalignment though from the sway arm back, the only frame problems is it being diamond....and some minor bumper bracket damage to the front where it welds to the frame. Anyways, will a diamond frame affect the wheelbase?

Tom Greenleaf
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Aug 3, 2016, 10:48 PM

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Re: Frame rail problems Sign In

Hi - This isn't and wasn't my specialty but techs work with each other's specialties and no exception.

Have you put any $$ into this yet? Just without reading much more than that the wheel base is off almost 2 inches which is a LOT you seriously need to see where or IMO it's over for now about a 17 year old truck adding that to the other items that need replacing.

IDK - Frame shops with laser measuring would be my choice to decide to fix this at all, use this one for parts for another or cut the losses now and part this one out or give it up to salvage and move on with another entirely.

You are there looking I'm here reading. Hope you know it's totaled but doesn't mean it's not worth fixing yet just need to know the overall condition of this as a whole and what parts in what shape are available to you now and for how much even with your labor free (if so) still might be too much plus the "unseen" stuff it will likely need.

Collision/accident things really need to see in person to decide on fix and appraise value of it just the way it is now,


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